Numerology is a Science

At Numberwrks, we uncover this mystic science for you to reap its benefit and transform your Life Positively

It is not a hidden fact that Numbers play an important role in our lives. By using the science of Numerology, we study the association between the words (your name) and numbers (date & year of birth) to predict a favourable outcome for you.

If you are not having a smooth life;

If things are not going your way in your relationships;

If the day to day struggle is becoming too much;

If your business is not doing well;

If you are not getting your ideal job or have lost your job;

If you are not getting good marks in your exams;

Or above all, if you are not able to live a desired life;


Our Lead Numerologist, PRIYANKA KUUMAR has changed many lives with the POWER OF NUMEROLOGY. She is a Certified Numerologist from Centre of Excellence, London and is also a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists. She believes in helping her clients reap the maximum rewards by doing minimal changes in their name, business name and other associated things.

Check it out yourself:

Through Numberwrks, Priyanka Kuumar’s objective is to bring the benefits of Numerology to every doorstep at a fraction of the price that famous numerologists charge

Share few personal details and GET YOUR DETAILED NUMEROLOGY REPORT in your mailbox or on your WhatsApp

What do you get in the report?

And all this only for ₹ 6,000/- (USD 127 for International Customers) delivered to you within 7-10 working days.

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Be a part of a large group of people who have benefitted from the POWER OF NUMEROLOGY by using the expertise of Priyanka Kuumar

Meet few more of them:

numberwrks testimonials

This year my son had his 10th board exams. I was quite worried for him, his future and his career overall. I shared this with Priyanka and she asked me not to worry. She provided me with a detailed analysis along with various remedies as per numerology, which turned out to be useful. Just last week the results came out and my son scored 95%. I'm so grateful to you Priyanka, thank you. 

Priti Singh


numberwrks testimonials

Thank you so much for the advice, the little change in the name brought loads of positive change in such a short span of time. 
I must tell you, all this is really amazing. My little champ is just two now. I made few changes in his name as advised by Priyanka and the result in the small baby is amazing…
All the best Priyanka, may God bless you and give you amazing power to change others lives too...

Smita Jha


numberwrks testimonials

Hello my name is Sara Agarwal, prior to numerology, I had many problems regarding my concentration as well as behaviour, which really troubled my parents and hampered with my studies and grades. After changing my name on my social media platforms and writing the name daily, it was evident that the problems I had before were gradually decreasing and after a certain time my grades also increased and I found myself less distracted. Thank you so much Priyanka aunty for bringing about such a drastic change in my life! Will always be grateful!

Sara Agarwal


numberwrks testimonials

I consulted with Priyanka for my son’s numerology. She advised me to do a minor change in his name and gave me a detailed report of his personality, lucky days, dates, colours and stones. My son was going through a phase wherein accidents were very frequent. We followed her suggestions and saw the drastic change in his day-to-day life. I can’t thank her enough. As a mother I will always be grateful to her for bringing my son’s life on the right path. Seeing the positive impact of numerology so closely, I would recommend anyone going through problems to reach out to Priyanka!



Numerology Consultation with Priyanka Kuumar
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